Steamed-up double glazed units

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Brum Lady | 00:50 Sun 20th Mar 2011 | Home & Garden
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Does anyone know if it possible to have double glazed units pumped out and resealed, or do we have to replace the whole window unit that is steaming up?


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not sure, but have been told that the unit needs to be replaced!.........having mine sorted shortly!..............
Seems you might need new ones ...
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Oh bugger! Thought as much - thanks for your answers.
Under a certain age and they may still be covered by a warantee.
*warranty ... lol, what happened there brain?
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We only moved here in December and haven't found any paperwork. Nothing was passed over to us by the solicitors so assume they were installed pre-FENSA stuff Naz. Perhaps we'll win the lottery?!
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :-)
Any good DG company will take out the affected units strip them down and re make them...usually within a day.It should'nt cost much.
Do you mean steaming up between the glass? I have seen ads for a company who claim to make your units as good as new by clearing out the 'mist' from between the glass in the unit. i am sceptical because how do they get the glass clean? Ours had condensation running down the inside and had left run marks all over the glass. We replaced most of the glazing units ourselves in our 2 front bay windows when they went. It wasn't all that expensive and to be honest I can't see getting a company in to refurbish the old ones would have been any cheaper.
Be wary of the companies that say they can clear them. My neighbour had some windows done last year and the condensation has come back.She is furious because it wasn't cheap
Allowing for difference in technology and terms between you and here in the U.S., I notice you didn't say whether or not the window was made from vinyl or wood. Here, the wood framed windows make it rather easy to remove the entire window frame and take it to the glass shop where they remove and press in another double glass in its metal framing. One has to have the measurements for the replacement part several days in advance so they can construct or order in the replacement.
This only works, of course, if the window frame that holds the removable window section is... well... removable, such as a casement (crank out) or a double hinged type. In the newer homes they often use windows that don't open since in saves money and controls the heating and cooling of the house better...
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Many thanks for all your answers. Looks as though we'd be wasting our time and money trying a quick fix. We'll have to wait until we can replace the affected windows. They are in a conservatory so they're quite large, so may be some time.....

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Steamed-up double glazed units

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