Microwave with clear display & controls.

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katystar | 20:50 Sat 19th Mar 2011 | Home & Garden
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My elderly Mother in Law is now visually impaired and needs to replace her microwave.Can anyone recommend one that would be easy to use.I was wondering if any brand had larger controls or displays.Many thanks.


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If you google "microwave visually impaired uk" quite a few links come up. I would look for you, but I'm not sure what you need. I hope this helps.
I found this by going via the RNIB's website:

a bog standard microwave has the basic two knobs thats all you need, the .power setting and timer
and not £261 as above link shows
more like £29 for a standard one
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Thanks everyone.Thats been very helpful.
My husband is visually impaired and cannot see the very small numbers/words that are normally around the dials of most appliances.We have some special sticky 'dots' made of rubber in bright flourescant colours that you can stick onto or round the dials of appliances to make it easier to select what you want. Pretty sure you can get them from the RNIB. Stick one on the knob where the arrow or line is and others over the settings most used. We've have them on the cooker and other things for years and they don't come off. There are lots of 'special' appliances available as for the blind but they are all hugely expensive, it is better to try to adapt ordinary ones of you can.
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Ratty thanks for that about the stickers.That sounds a good idea.My Mother In Law is on her own now and we're 50 miles away so something we can do to make life easier sounds good.

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Microwave with clear display & controls.

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