Fridge dial. Which way do you turn it?

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davidk65 | 12:33 Tue 07th Sep 2010 | Home & Garden
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Our fridge recently seems to a lot colder than my wife remembers.
The dial is numbered "0-7", but there is no indication of which number to set the dial to that would make it colder or not so cold.
The fridgeis an old one and we have lost the book.
Any Help please before we start fiddling .


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0 is cold, 7 is not so cold, whats it on at the moment
The higher the setting, the colder the fridge will be. (Think I'm right in this). In warmer weather, the fridege will work harder trying to maintain its set temperature. Try setting it on 4, if it's too cold, try 3.
The 0-7 is, if you like, the fridge "power" dial.
Turning it to 0 effectively turns the fridge off. Set on 7, the fridge will be working at its maximum capability, leading to lower temperatures. The setting required will depend on how full you intend to keep the fridge: with more stuff in, it needs to be on a higher number setting, to maintain low temperature.
oh ok so I got it
The temperature controller on a fridge is a thermostat. It turns the compressor on when the fridge isn't cold enough and turns it off when the desired (low) temperature is achieved. The amount of material in the fridge does not affect the temperature that the fridge stabilises at. If you put more stuff in it the compressor will come on automatically until the temperature reaches the chosen setting. The more mass (stuff)you have in the fridge the more stable the temperature will be as the thermal capacity of the stuff acts as a thermal buffer. You do not need to adjust the thermostat according to the temperature outside the fridge. The thermostat does what its name implies. Just set the thermostat to the middle of its range and leave it on for 24 hours, if the temperature it achieves is not what you want adjust it up or down accordingly by 1 division and leave 24 hours, repeat again if necessary.
Despite what you say jomifl , my experience is that the inside temperatures of fridges become lower in the doubt for the reason given by THC. In fact I have had milk freeze in mine during very hot such luck this year.!!

Turn the setting back towards zero if you think it's too cold.

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Great stuff. Thanks for the comments.

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Fridge dial. Which way do you turn it?

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