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Getting Parts for a Central Heating Boiler

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countrykid | 08:08 Sat 17th Jul 2010 | Home & Garden
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I have a Glow Worm Swiftflow 100 combi boiler which is about 12 years old - poss older. It works fine and has always been on a maintenance contract. Due to routine annual service calls being cancelled at short notice, I have just switched service providers. Not unusually the new company wanted to carry out an initial inspection of both the boiler and radiators, to ensure all in good order, before they would accept me. When the engineer came, he did a parts check on his computer, and told me that other than a few screws and hinges, he could not obtain parts if ever it was faulty. Clearly it is pointless me paying £15 per month if they know it cannot be fixed.
I accept that some parts might be unavailable, but surely not all. Does anyone know a way to check if parts are available? Any Gas Safe (Corgi as was) engineers reading this, I'd really appreciate your advice.
I know companies want customers to trade up to a new boiler, and that these must now be of the condensing (and very costly to buy) type, but this engineer was not actually trying to get me to do this. No hard sell, just telling me he could not get parts. The service company has not followed up with any marketing either, so this does not appear to be their motive.
I do not really want to change the boiler at this point, and in any case, cannot afford to, but I do like the reassurance of having someone to fix it if it fails in the winter - although I know this does not always require parts. All advice is much appreciated. Thanks


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There are parts for your boiler listed here on eBay - might this help? You could then get someone to fit them for you.
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Many thanks for that Boxtops. Proves that parts can be sourced after all, but perhaps not from somewhere that EON deal with
Hi countrykid, if you can source the parts for the boiler and find someone Gas Safe that is willing to fit them when required, why not just put the £15 a month away and if something happens you will have the money ready to pay out. If the repair is going to cost too much you will also be partway to having the money for a new boiler.
Which area are you in? Someone near you may know a decent, honest Central Heating Engineer!
Just a thought!
A quick Google revealed that spares are available for your boiler. e.g.

As has been already said ask friends and family to recommend a local heating engineer and put your £15 away for the time repairs are required. You will probably find that a local independent engineer will know where to source parts anyway.
Baxi Solo Mk1 is old, too .. about 18 years old. I have one in my small cottage. But it is a great little boiler .. and pretty reliable. I have changed a few bits over last few years. I can easily find them.
Tell them agreement can be that you would source all parts (It will cost you less!) Keep these for reference!
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Thanks to all for the additional answers. I hadn't realised more had been added :-)
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Getting Parts for a Central Heating Boiler

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