1 way and 2 way celing light switch

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Mattk | 21:28 Wed 23rd Jun 2010 | Home & Garden
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Our pull-string bathroom ceiling light has stopped working so I need to replace it but when I checked pricing on B&Q's website it mentions 1 way and 2 way versions.
A simple/silly question I'm sure but what's the difference and which do I have?

Ours is 1 tug for on and 1 for off!



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One way switches provide a simple on/off function. Two way switches are used where a single light (or group of lights) can be switched on or off from two different switches (as you would have on a staircase, one at the bottom and one at the top). These switches switch the current between two switch wires instead of simply cutting it off – a bit difficult to explain without a diagram).

Two way switches can be used to provide simple on/off functions (so either type will do for you), but one way switches cannot be used to provide the two way function.

As they say on the packet – if in doubt consult a qualified electrician!
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NJ has correctly answered your question but you might not need a new switch anyway.

Turn of the power and unscrew the switch cover. You'll probably find that you'll simply need to screw the piece that the cord attaches to back into place. (As you repeatedly pull the cord the piece at the top of the cord very slowly comes unscrewed, until the switch stops working. Simply screwing it up again usually fixes the problem).

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Thanks but the cord was still in place but the unit is sealed so I couldnt see what the exact problem was. A replacement was only £1.78 at B&Q so problem now solved.
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However .. Most single and double pole light switches now are 2-way anyway. You just ignore the L2 connection for single-way use.

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1 way and 2 way celing light switch

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