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which size wooden blinds are the best?

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TrudyTrudy | 18:10 Thu 28th Jan 2010 | Home & Garden
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I am in the process of ordering wooden blinds, had decided on 25mm slats but the salesman has said 50mm look better and are by far the most popular. As they are expensive and I cant decide which I like the best I hoped I could get your opinion!


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I bought mine from an ebay shop....they are black 50mm and look great. They are also easier to dust than 25mm ones.
The wider the slats, the wider the gap between them - so if the blind is down but set to let the light in, the lighter the room will be with wide slats. Since the slats are all usually the same thickness, wide slats, being fewer, will take up less space at the top of the window when the blind is up, again letting more light into the room than a blind with more, narrow, slats.
i have 4 sets of blinds in the house. two are natural wood ones and they're 25mm, one set are white wood and they're 50mm, and one set are metal and are 15mm. the 25mm ones are in bedrooms and i defo wouldn't have them any wider. the white wood ones are in a bathroom and look great. the only ones i'm not too keen on are the very thin 15mm ones, but they do the job they were bought for (which is to stop our nosey neighbour staring into our study) instead of net curtains. i think whichever you choose will look good.
I`ve had two pirs of the 25mm white plastics and the cotton cables on both frayed after a couple of years, so buy whatever you can ill afford. I cut the strips up and made dozens of small garden labels, so they weren`t a waste of money in the end.
you must have been unlucky carlton. we've had the thin ones for about 15 years, the bedroom ones for about 9-10 years and the bathroom one for 4 years. all are still in as-new condition (apart from the dust on them).
I think it is just a question of taste. I have the narrower type and they are ok, but I don't have anything against the wider type either.
I think it depends on the size of your windows...Just inexpensive 25mm ones in my kitchen & bathroom but the windows aren't very big & wider slats would be out of proportion.

Carlton - Brilliant tip about the plant labels!! I had to shorten a pvc blind & haven't thrown the spare slats away yet...thanks for mentioning that.
We went in between and got 35mm slats, wooden ones, and they are perfect!
The 50mm are far more stylish and easier to keep looking clean.

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which size wooden blinds are the best?

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