Does leather furniture make you sweat?

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what..the? | 10:48 Thu 24th Sep 2009 | Home & Garden
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And does fake leather furniture make you sweat even more?


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Yes....can't wait to get rid of this leather sofa.
Never try and make love on a leather soft - the squelchy farting noises are not conducive to a loving atmosphere - they just induce a fit of the giggles or a "Was that him / her?" scenario.

do they make me sweat? No. And I love to smell them.
Can't stand leather sofas or armchairs. Nasty uncomfortable slidey things that make you hot and sticky.
No it doesn't - I suppose if you sit on them in the nude then perhaps - but I have had two leather suites and have found them to be o.k. Believe me, I am the hot flush queen so if they were going to make you sweat, I would know....{:oD
No x
I have two leather suites in the house here and they are fine. I never liked leather before but they are great when you have messy kids and teens. Have not noticed any extra sweating around the house lol
No i have never found either of ours making us sweat!
I've never had a problem with leather sofas in uk yet when i was in a taxi in egypt there was no air con in car and when i got out there was a puddle of sweat on the leather seat so there might be something in that.
I had to put a sheet on mine this morning as it was too cold to sit on.

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Does leather furniture make you sweat?

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