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Which vacuum cleaner?

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Coldicote | 16:25 Thu 17th Sep 2009 | Home & Garden
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I've just dumped a bagless upright vacuum cleaner because it was so messy to empty and clean, especially with that crinkled type of filter - the advertisements don't tell you that!! Now have a cylinder bagged type but again disappointed. The bag hardly collects any dust, most of it seems anywhere around the inside of the casing. I would like to find a really good reliable upright bagged vac. Can anyone recommend one please?


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When I got my dog Max, a long haired GSD I asked a similar question and by far and away the general opinion was to go for a Miele, they do several different models and while they ae not cheap the Cat & Dog model I bought certainly does the Job
I've always used upright vacs until, going on recommendations given on here, I bought a Henry (well I got a Hetty but it's the same thing). It is without doubt the best vac I have ever used, which must be why most commercial cleaning companies use them....
I also bought a Henry a couple of years ago because I noticed the cleaners used them at several places where I've worked. I haven't been disappointed with it at all and there is quite a bit of cat hair etc in the house. It is powerful and reliable and as the bags are big they rarely need changing. Dust doesn't seem to leak out of the bag either. I wouldn't buy anything else now!
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We have a Sebo. Not cheap, but the best and most reliable we have ever bought.
I have an old Dyson DCO1 which has only had one new belt in about 20years, so I can only rec`d a Dyson. The latest type should not be any problem with emptying. My wife is one of these house proud females, so you can imagine it, as well as myself get`s a good vacuuming every day.
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Many thanks for all these replies. You've given me some good leads to explore. Miele, Henry, Sebo and Dyson sound like favourites. Remarkable that the cheaper, well known names are not mentioned - that's probably where I went wrong!
You only get what you pay for in this world.

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