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Wisteria sinensis

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wvaleriechas | 00:52 Mon 29th Nov 2004 | Home & Garden
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Why won't my Wisteria sinensis alba flower. It is seven yrs old & from good grafted stock. I have frequently cut side shoots back in summer & late winter but no luck. I have no problems with the foliage which is profuse in summer. My neighbours plant is in same soil but flowers brilliantly, ope someone can help before my husband cuts it down. In desperation.....Spinner.


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try this link, pruning is usally the key, especially with a young plant.  Above all you have to be v.patient & v.lucky!!
err Paulz, where's the link???
Question Author
Hi paulz, Yes, where is the linl? would appreciate any help the link can give. Perhaps you can try again. Many thanks for your time & trouble......spinner.
Question Author
Many thanks for your help everyone, I have obtained the right info thanks to you. Pat yourselves on the back you all.  ....Spinner

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Wisteria sinensis

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