outside security light stays on

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amaltman47 | 16:04 Mon 25th May 2009 | Home & Garden
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Our outside security light which we switch on at night remains on all night. It used to come on with any movement then stay on for a minute or so then go out. But now it wont go out at all, unless I switch it off at the mains.
Any advice please


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Sounds like a faulty Sensor. Have a look at it and give it a good clean to see what happens as the lens does get dirty. That might do the trick but if not you will probably have to replace it.
The 4 Security lights that we utilise have the light and sensor as separate units.
Why do you switch it on at night the sensor in the light unit senses when it's dark and only comes on at night when there is movement, but by the sounds of it the pir is knackered and it would be just as easy to buy a new one from B&Q as there only about a tenner....
This happened to ours too and it felt like living in Colditz Castle. Strong winds would trigger ours, or bats flying nearby. It turned out to be a faulty sensor which needed to be replaced.

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outside security light stays on

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