Help Need Jokes About The Tax Man...Urgent!

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maggiemcgill | 23:38 Wed 25th Mar 2009 | Home & Garden
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I need a few short jokes about the tax man to write in a card for my very good friend's birthday...trouble is I need it now (literally).
The ones I've found on line are either to long winded, repeated on every site or just not funny...I know it's short notice, but I put my faith in all AB'ers out there�apologies for the rush, Here's hoping

I thought I'd posted already but has not appeared...sorry if duplicated!


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Tax doesn't need to be taxing....
Mark Twain said "...The only difference between a tax man and a taxidermist is that the taxidermist leaves the skin."

Clanad love that it's so funny and so true
What do the taxman and a duck have in common?
.....They can both stick their bills up their ar**
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Thanks Guy's...BRIGHT SPARK, the reason I asked this question is because years ago I bought my friend a birthday card with this joke on the front & he absolutely loved it & still has the card to this you are definitely on the right track!!!
Thanks Again ALL :)

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Help Need Jokes About The Tax Man...Urgent!

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