Any window salesmen/fitters out there?

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Brum Lady | 11:16 Tue 22nd Jul 2008 | Home & Garden
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We have just replaced our old sliding patio door with a new set of French doors. The width of the two opening doors combined is 1840. Would doors of this size normally come complete with restrictors? The surveyor didn't mention them as an option so I assumed they would already be on the doors. Surely this is a health & safety issue with doors of this size having no restraint? They are coming back to fit some but say they are "extra".

Any comments gratefully received.


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It isn't a requirement under Building Regulations, if that is what you mean. Health and Safety legislation is predominently aimed at protecting customers and employees, hence is applied to shops, offices and factories.
You could arrange to have your own restraint - as a stay in the form of a short post in the ground outside.
If it's a factory-fitted option that you want, I reckon you are going to have to pay for it.
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Thanks. What made me ask was that we had a set of much smaller French doors fitted elsewhere two years ago and they came with restrictors ready fitted, included in the price, so I thought it must be standard procedure. Since the wind never stops blowing these days it would be a bit dicey trying to prop the doors open - could damage either people or hinges!

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Any window salesmen/fitters out there?

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