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lewis&cherie | 14:12 Mon 11th Feb 2008 | Home & Garden
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We would like to move our combi boiler to the other end of our kitchen wall. (Moving it approx 2 metres) It would still be on an outside wall.

Can anybody give me a very rough figure of how much this might cost or how long it might take a plumber to do?
Access to the floorboards would be easy as we would plan to have the work done at the same time as replacing the whole kitchen.

Any help would be appreciated...Many thanks


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i paid a plumber to move my combi a few years ago, when we moved in the boiler was in my little girls room so we had it moved to a downstairs cupboard and the bloke charged me �500. it took him 3 days!
Two years ago corgi registered plumbers moved my combi boiler also about 2 metres along my kitchen wall.
It took two men l day, and they charged me �400
i would say around 400 and 1 days work
if your near brum give me a shout, can reccomend someone who can do the job

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Relocate a boiler

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