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Gas Bill Prepayment Problem

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tellboy | 15:17 Sun 11th Nov 2007 | Home & Garden
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My Daughter in Law pays and always has paid by prepayment card.
This months Bill along with the credits says she owes �400.
I thought that a PrePayment system only delivered the Gas you had credited.? Have I missed something ?


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there has to be a mistake?! 400 quid!? thats a lot of money, prepayment meters are pay as you go in effect, if she is buying gas credit she shouldnt be billed by post, the bills should state "for information only" underneath the amount.

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Powergen. Yes there is loads of �10 Credits and the Information Only bit says Account Balance you are in debit �414.79.
I will obviously ring them up it is just that I thought this could never happen
Pre-payment meters have to be set to provide a certain amount of gas for a given payment. If the price of gas goes up, the meter has to be adjusted. If it isn't adjusted, you are paying for gas at the old rate, and you'll be asked to make up the difference.
�400 seems a lot. Maybe the gas company have been unacceptably slack about reading and/or adjusting the meter, and the back-payment has built up over time.
We ended up in the same position before we switched to a normal meter. When prices rise/fall the meter needs to be changed, Powergen told me they can't send someone out every time they change the price. It is wrong I think, as you are lulled in to a false sense of security.
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heathfield you are exactly right. That is exactly what has happened.
The Quantam meter was supposed to be reset by a remote signal two years ago.
It has happened to numerous customers and apparently Energy Watch say that Energy Supply Ombudsman has ruled that Powergen although in error can recover this money at �1 a week.
Wouldnt you think that Powergen would point out to customers on little or no income that arrears are building up despite the "Information Only Statement " issued once a year.

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Gas Bill Prepayment Problem

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