How can you stop spiders coming into your house?

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KAZ | 22:04 Sat 01st Sep 2007 | Home & Garden
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Please!!!!!!!!!!!! They seem to be everywhere at the moment! I HATE them!!!!!!! EEERRRGGGHHHHH!


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aww i have no idea but i shall watch this one with interest! I detest them too! I took some plants out of my garden earlier in the year and replaced it with gravel. I was out there today and the gravel is full of spiders! EEEEK!
I have the same problem. Spiders everywere and i am afraid of them!!!!!
I would suggest you get one of those sonic repellant things. One that works through walls as well.
Oh, I know! I gravelled an area in the garden and cannot believe the number of spiders in there. I now daren't walk across it. I was going to gravel the drive - but now - no chance!
I quite like spiders, much prefer them to loathsome flies anyway.
Now, this may sound a bit rude so i apologise if it is but, there is a spider in my bathroom and when you are *ahem* using the lavatory, it appears and shocks the life out of me.
I will be watchoing this topic for other ideas on how i can deal with the problem.
B00, i would prefer flies to spiders, because flies i can usher out of the door or swat, but spiders i can't even go near.
Our house is over 300 years old, and I'm convinced the spiders are too. They're humongous! They tend to congregate in the attic bedroom....which is our bedroom, of course. I caught two whoppers last night - I can't sleep if I know one is in there anywhere so there's nothing else for it but to catch the *******!

Mr nutgone CAN do it, but isn't quick enough really, so it's my job. A sort of 'lesser of two evils' thing - catch them (eeeek!) or lie awake thinking about them running over our bed (eeeeeeeek!)

I'd love to know how to keep them out, too!
Oh no - I've never been asterisked before! It wasn't too bad, only bu$$ers!
Ahh, i just remembered there is a vacum thingy you can buy to suck them up then deposit them outside.
I'll post a link when i can find it.
i found this! er-whole-house-p-1277.html

im thinking we may be their best customers.....

Thats what i meant when i said a sonic thing. Cheers lou, i will be investing in one of those a.s.a.p.
me too! lol
Ive got a spider catcher which is ok,it does the job but i too would rather they didnt come in to MY house.How dare they.I hate them but never harm them.I tend to think that if i killed one its mate would be watching and come and get me.Oh God,i thought there was one on me
I'd be interested to hear how you get on with these ultrasonic pest repellers. I was going to get a couple earlier in the year but kept reading confilcing reviews on their success. These sites suggest they don't. asonicPestRepellers
and eb1663.html
Can you please keep us posted as to your success or otherwise?
Spiders are lovely! (Yeah, so you all think I'm weird, but you probably did anyway!) They're much nicer than flies - flies lay eggs on things and the maggots eat them - whether it's food in the kitchen or your pet rabbit or sheep. Flies are HORRID!! Spiders eat flies - spiders are good. Spiders don't hurt us, we only don't like them cos they're leggy and they run fast (primordial fear??) A good spider-catcher is a jam jar and a piece of card. I've got a 200yr old cottage and I just have to put up with my 8-legged house mates, although the cats think they're good sport!
Spiders live in the house. Most of the big ones are British House Spiders and they're out and about at this time of year mating. The largest are the females. No good putting them outside as they belong inside. Just be methodical about killing them if they freak you out. I had one so large in the bath last week that I couldn't get it down the plughole even when dead. I had to take a biro and shove it down the plug before I finally managed to dispose of it. I'm no longer afraid though, as Ian Banyard (GMTV ) de-sensitized me. It's worth a try as I spent years in abject fear
I absolutely hate spiders. Terrified of them to the point I cannot even look at them with taking a panic attack.
Over the past three weeks, our house has had so many spiders, I get up looking for them every morning. They are huge at too. I have never in my life seen spiders so big.
I have to get my hubby to deal with them and he refuses to kill them. he puts them outside.
Even he has remarked he has never seen such big spiders than we have had over the past three weeks.
My Westie spotted the last one on Friday on the wall in the lounge. Aware of my fear, hubby put me out of the room while he dealt with it with the assistance of my tiny wee dog. What a hero my dog is. I am fine if she spots them first! lol.
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I did a search on Google and lots of people are recommending Essential Oils, There are various suggestions. Apparently, Spiders taste with their feet and they don't like strong scents! I am going to try Lavender oil as I already have a bottle of this.
Please, please keep us posted if you find anything that gets rid of the peskie things.
I have just gone into the bathroom and discovered yet another huge spider.
Screamed like mad and had to get hubby to deal with it again. They a gigantic this year.
Breathing heavily as I type! lol.
I'm with kleiber- as i've previously said I can't uderstand why you'd all rather have a houseful of flies than the odd harmless spider.

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