sending M&S flowers 'by post'

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Annie456 | 12:45 Thu 19th Jul 2007 | Home & Garden
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Anyone sent flowers using the "by post" option from M&S? I wanted to send some lillies or roses and they do it quite cheaply at Marks by putting them in a box ties with a ribbon and sending first class. Anyone experienced this - how did they arrive??


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i've never sent any this way, but have received them twice. they're very well packaged and come in a sturdy outer cardboard box, and the flowers are really good quality. i was very pleased with mine.
I have sent and received the M&S flowers and they were really good quality as ethandron has said. Not had much luck with the quality of Next flowers and Interflora are expensive and you don't get as many flowers as you do with M&S.
I have sent M&S flowers - excellent quality, excellent service.
I haven't sent flowers via M&S, but have received the most beautiful flowers which were in a cream & gold hat box. the quality was excellent & lasted for ages.
my mum received some m&s flowers back in march -they were superbly packaged and the flowers were quite amazing!
My brother and sister-in -law, live in Ireland, they sent us a big Bouquet for our anniversary, it never came, he contacted them, (M&S), they sent another, and refunded the money to him,

Thats service.

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sending M&S flowers 'by post'

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