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British Gas-Switching To Another Supplier

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Beswad | 03:47 Fri 28th Jul 2006 | Home & Garden
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I'm thinking of switching to another energy supplier due to recent news that British Gas will increase their energy bill yet again.

Who do you recommend is the cheapest supplier of Gas and Electricity?


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It depends on where you live.

Here is excellent advice that is reliable and unbiased: ews.cgi?newsid1103281560,22751,
On is says to wait about 6 weeks I think till they have all increased then decide. You could have a read on there.
try you put yor postcode in and your gas an electric usage and it will tell you the cheapest supplier for you. hope it helps xXx
have a look at gives very good advice and shows how much you can save.
Yes trulli is correct. A money expert (who`s website I get regular mailings from) was saying the same thing. He reckons that all the other suppliers will also put their prices up now. In about 6/8 weeks is the best time to think of switching.

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British Gas-Switching To Another Supplier

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