An easy way to remove wall tiles??

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crazy pea | 13:51 Thu 09th Feb 2006 | Home & Garden
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I've just moved into a new flat and want to re-tile the bathroom. There are already two layers of tiles on the walls and the whole bathroom has been tiled!! Has anyone got any suggestions on the easiest way to remove all these tiles? Thanks.


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Easier to tile over the top - as the previous owner has done. Might not sound very useful, but removing two layers of tiles is going to be a lot of grief.

yeah, but 3 layers of tiles is not recommended and will look pants. Lots of elbow grease mate!
You will need some safety goggles and a hammer and bolster chisel and a lot of elbow grease and mess. It would be worth the effort though to get the tiles of the walls though. Unless the existing tiles are perfectly even you would need special adhesive to tile on top I think. That sort of adhesive is not cheap either.
We had the same problem in our bathroom when we moved house.Be very careful when bashing the tiles off as a load of plaster came off as well on ours and we did have to have the room replastered. Not a bad idea though especially if you are going to re-tile as it gives a nice surface to work on.
Do what KAZZA says, you won't have any room to get in the bathroom if you tile on top again! It means a lot of hard work, there is'nt an easy way.
Lodge paper scraper at back of tile,tap handle with hammer,not too hard,and keep going,they will come off.
I did the same thing last year, as Toureman says a bolster and club hammer are the best, they really don't need too much persuading to come off - make sure you get as parallel to the wall with the bolster though and you'll find they come off in big clumps without damaging the plaster.
Make sure you've put a thick blanket on your bath/loo etc to avoid any chips.

Good luck

PS I found some really loud rock music helped - quite therapeutic in fact !!
get down to local hire shop and get a mini kango hammer -like a knife through butter

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An easy way to remove wall tiles??

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