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manutdstott | 22:21 Mon 16th Jan 2006 | Home & Garden
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what a joke im finding it to buy a SREWIN fireglow buld for my electric fire, I bought an electric fire last year from Argos, now I need bulbs for it, they dont even stock them. There are plenty of bayonet fitting bukbs about. does anyone know where I can get SCREWIN fireglow bulbs. i'v looked everywhere even the web.


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The 5th one down is a screw-type.

here (:)

Try B & Q, Woolworths or any electrical shop.
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thanx stanley but i'v tried all the main electric suppliers and believe it or not they are very hard to get hold of, unlike the bayonet fitting sound stupid i know, you wont believe the trouble i'm having getting hold of em

ps thanx for reply anyway

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LOL vinny100_ thats the ONLY place I could find them my self on the internet, I was just hoping to get them a little cheaper than that, if i cant it looks like i'v got no choice.

many thanx

These are cheaper

here (:)

May not be any use but try TESCO (Extra) they have so much they just may have what you are looking for, I can't tell you how many times I have searched all over for stuff only to find that Tesco sells just what I was looking for.Worth a try!
I'm having exactly same problem finding screw in fireglow type bulbs. None of the shops sell them. They should not sell the fires if the bulbs are not replaceable.
I like to put fireglow bulbs in lamps for that nice intimate feel while watching films.

I have just bought two lamps with screw in bulb fittings. A search led me to this page and the fact that screw in fireglow bulbs are as rare as hens teeth.

I resigned myself to any red/orange bulb with a screw in fitting and to that end wandered over to the three DIY stores near me.

FOCUS no red bulbs but red 40 watt spots.

WICKES A poor selection of bulbs, worse than Asda.

HOMBASE A huge selection of bulbs ans lo and behold 60 WATT SCREW IN FIREGLOW bulbs in packs of two for �2.99.

Someone mentioned Tesco direct. Is Homebase connected or was connected to Tesco?

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