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Neighbour Used Stepladders To Gain Entry Into My Garden For Football

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GrandmaCat | 10:04 Wed 29th May 2024 | Home & Garden
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A neighbours son constantly kicks ball up my fence and hits my windows,he's constantly coming in garden for ball,I've asked nicely many times to move further away so this doesn't happen but still keeps doing it, I have put padlocks on gate now, other day his father used stepladders to gain entry into my garden to get ball back..this as now left me feeling vulnerable,as I'm disabled and have mental health problems. How can I get them to stop when I've already asked nicely for them to stop..the lad as even thrown food and stones at my bungalow. 



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Sound like the neighbours from hell! If you have one speak to your local Police Community Support Officer for advice & possible action.

CCTV and a trip to a solicitor for advice ?

Has the neighbour ever knocked on your door and asked for their ball?

Just stick a knife through the ball. Won't happen again.

Talk to your local Council and ask for their help.  Your neighbour should not be allowed to behave like he is especially trespassing on your property.  I'm so sorry you are having to put up with this unkind behaviour at your time of life.  I bet he wouldn't do it if you were young and strong.

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Report them to the police they should send a officer 👮  to have a word with them. That what I did when I was having problems with the little twa*  over  the road. It stopped them immediately.  Good look

Have you anybody who could put a trellis on the top of your fence which would mean he couldn't gain access by a ladder as the top would be too flimsy to climb over. The police advised us to do this after we had a burglary and we not been bothered since. What a nasty neighbour he must be.

Spikes on top of fence/gate.  I saw them recently - possibly Aldi or Lidl.

the solution was given at 10:19

TTT - the OP obviously feels vulnerable & doing what you suggest is "the answer" could well inflame the situation & make matters worse. Do grow up.

23.36 Tuvok apparently if someone hurt themselves on the spikes the owner of the fence would be prosecuted  so the police told me! Admittedly it was a long time ago things might have changed

11:57 You'd only have to do it once, these people are bullies and morons. That's how grown ups deal with bullies and moron.

I know of at least one loud, brash individual for whom repeated punishment has had no effect whatsoever.

I found this through google, it would appear that Tora Tora Tora's advice would bring GrandmaCat into possible trouble with the police.


Barrett Homes and West Yorkshire Police say that neighbours are legally obliged to return a ball that lands in their garden. Not doing so could see them prosecuted as this is technically theft. This can be done in most cases by simply throwing it back over the fence or waiting until the next door asks for it.

GrandmaCat could you please let us know if you have read your replies.  Thank you.

Do you have a Neighbourhood Watch in your area?  Have a look by putting your Post Code in this link and contact them if you have.  Your neighbours are definitely guilty of ASB.

If not call the Police.

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Thank you all for answering my question.. I've only been in my bungalow 4 months and don't know anyone around here yet... I have decided I'm going to get a cctv to get evidence of what they're doing to take to council antisocial team.. If I put trellis up they will only smash it down with the ball.. I have let them in to get the ball many times but it was getting every 5 minutes and becoming annoying as I need my privacy in my home and garden. .. Thank you again for advice. 

Good luck and please do let us know how you get on.

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Neighbour Used Stepladders To Gain Entry Into My Garden For Football

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