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Buying A House, How To Check Everything Works

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Ringlet | 10:52 Mon 27th May 2024 | Home & Garden
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When buying a house, how do I find out if the central heating and electrical wiring are in good condition? 

Does the surveyor check that, or do I need to appoint a specialist such as plumber or electrician?

Many thanks.  



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The surveyor won't check either.  You can ask the vendor for a copy of the last boiler serviced and arrange an electrician to carry out a full inspection.  I'd only do that if the house is 30+ years 

When we sold we had to supply an electric certificate and state age and last service of boiler etc

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That sounds like a good idea.  I will ask estate agent for information about the boiler and its history.

Might also get electrician to check wiring.  

House is approx 30 years old.  

Many thanks

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Probably more fuss than it's worth. Going to do that with every place you are seriously considering ? The seller may not be interested in being disturbed. They may not have kept paperwork. Houses get issues, one fixes them as they're discovered.  The survey should cover anything fundamental with the building itself.

We are in process of selling, we had to provide Estate Agent with an Electrical Certificate, all the plans and building regs with sign off.  All this before we actually went on the market.  Off our own bat we sent in last boiler service.  All our viewings asked if we had done that, we have done the same with the one we are buying.

If you want a survey (recommended) there are three levels, one last about 20 minutes and covers a basic valuation, level 2 which looks for visible defects and those in easily accessable areas, notes any defects or maintenance that will be required. Level 3 for older buildings that have undergone major alterations.

They may not have kept paperwork. Houses get issues, 

you have to get it ( seller) Energy efficiency is done once and there is a registry. Last gas service shouldnt be a problem, and yeah if they want an elec survey, get one of them - and use them for the next oone. I went thro three buyers - the average apparently

we are talking about houses around £250 000 and fees above of less than a hundred each innit?

ubasses - good answer as ever

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Buying A House, How To Check Everything Works

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