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Funny Saying For Scarecrow.

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wrayperson | 20:51 Sat 20th Apr 2024 | Home & Garden
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We are doing a scarecrow involving Darth Vader & using hospital crutches / Zimmer frame..would like funny saying to put out connecting the 3 things..




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what about, "Look, no, I am no farther"

//Many remember Darth Vader's famous line as "Luke, I am your father". In reality, he says "No, I am your father".//,_I_am_your_father

or, can anyone lend me a cpap ???

No Luke, I am your farmer

or even"no Luke, I am no farmer"

or,  as a darth vader toy,  .... I'm stuffed!

I find your lack of potatoes disturbing

The Wizard was out of brains

I find your lack of potatoes disturbing



some great answers here, lets see which one is chosen.

When I left you, I was but the scare sparrow. Now I am the scare crow.

Thanks, RandyMarsh, the force is strong with you ...

we must be able to work a tractor beam in somehow

And now I am that weak old man

Question Author

What have potatoes got to do with Darth Vader?

The original quote from Darth Vader is 'I find your lack of faith disturbing'. Faith has been replaced by potatoes to give the link to a scarecrow/farming, something you might say as you survey a field for example. It's very clever but not if people don't recognise the pun on the original.

You could also ask what do crutches and a Zimmer frame have to do with Darth Vader?

"Be careful not to choke on your asparagus"

Question Author

THECORBYLOON.... It's a scarecrow!!!

I know that yet you questioned the connexion with tatties, a crop that a scarecrow would protect.

I am Jeff Vader and will kill these crows with trays.

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Funny Saying For Scarecrow.

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