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Changing A Bath To Walk In Shower

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fruitsalad | 18:11 Sun 21st Apr 2024 | Home & Garden
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Is it fairly easy, or a big job, at the moment we have shower over bath, but its beginning to get difficult, getting in and out of the bath (mainly out)



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I'm considering this also but the layout of my bathroom & the plumbing runs are difficult. Best to get "a man in" to suss it out.

Easy if the layout allows you simply to remove the bath and tile the floor, using the same shower and the same drain as before. Then a screen up where the shower is: Bobs your uncle! 
With bath removal, tiling the floor, panelling the wall and screen up. Maybe a week's work?

If it's straightforward a couple of days should do it.

not a recommendation but Aquability say "usually fitted in one day".

Usually need to tile the bit of wall hidden by the bath, too.

It was a very straightforward job when we did it

Avoid it if it says fitted in a day. 2/3 minimum with a floor to make good.

The one day showers I have seen don't have tiles, they are either premade units or use a type of plastic boarding.

Can only be done in a day if the plumbing is in situ

My mum has just had this done. It cost around 5k and took a week

And we had it done last summer. It was 10K and took nearly 2 weeks but that was a complete rip out of whole bathroom and fittings and replace/tile/paint/floor the whole lot.

Big/small job. Could be either fruitsalad.

Any plumber could quickly tell by taking off the bath panel. It's the first thing I would do. That would likely tell him all he needs to know about waste height/position, and how thw H&C pipework runs.

Otherwise, pretty straightforward.

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Changing A Bath To Walk In Shower

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