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fruitsalad | 10:39 Thu 28th Mar 2024 | Home & Garden
22 Answers

Any recommendations as to what I can use to keep cats off my garden



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I've got one of those, but they always sneak in and s... in the garden when he's not there

Mulching any bare soil with tree bark seems to work.

Cats detest cayenne pepper.  So, it may be a good idea to scatter a good amount of cayenne pepper around the spots the cats like to visit. Then again, this may cause the cat to start sneezing violently, which make us feel a bit guilty. Also try using garlic, ground coffee or chilli pepper.


a jack russell!

If anybody had the answer to this problem they would be rich.


A Hose Pipe does a jolly good job jazzyjen.  Of course it means you have to be there when they arrive.  However, once they realise what could happen to them they tend to hurry past as quickly as they can whilst checking if you're watching.

Maybe chicken wire netting unrolled and laid flat on the soil? We use twigs from pruning the roses - lay them on the ground. Ground cover plants with or without wire and prunnings also helps. And finally - water pistol for use when you catch them at it.

Our garden is small, and it's more difficult if you have a big one.

Artificial grass. 

Wire netting on the ground is not a good idea Atheist.  Birds, especially Blackbirds when searching for worms, can get their claws stuck in it  and die.  Same with Robins.

Artificial Grass is an abomination Barsel.  Here's one of many reasons why.

//It restricts access to natural materials like leaf litter and grass clippings – essential for feeding soil organisms like worms and microscopic animals and keeping the soil healthy.\\



Chilli powder. Garlic powder .

ladybirder. I've never seen that happen. We don't actually use netting at the moment, but I have used some rigid wire mesh shelving stuff from an old mini greenhouse and I don't think that that would cause a problen for birds. I've only used it around plants and shrubs, not on a lawn which is where I usually see blackbirds.

I read somewhere, Lion turds!?

Just pop in to local zoo and ask for some!!

Good luck!

Artificial grass is disgusting particularly in the summer. It holds the smell of wee and can't clean it.

ladybirder, I have artificial grass in my front and back garden.

I am unable to cut grass myself, my grandchildren can play out all year round without getting muddy, it can be blown, vacuumed and washed with a fake rake, it doesn't fade in the sun and believe me, I never have cats coming in my garden. I don't know if it's because they can't dig it up or because they don't like the feel of it on their paws. I put some stones around the edges and it looks fine all the year round.

Suggestions from the Royal Horticultural Society here:

Barsel - How does any of that help keep our planet going? How does it help our precious creatures?  How many beautiful Butterflies and Bees does your garden help?  We are losing our bees rapidly because they struggle to find the nourishment they rely on as they travel from place to place and finding what was once a lawn is now a car parking space or like you have done with your garden.  Have a read of this article, The Insect Apocalypse "Our World will grind to a halt without them".

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