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What New Curtains To Buy?

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NoseyNose | 23:58 Thu 29th Feb 2024 | Home & Garden
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Hello there people,

I am moving into my new(Sheltered Housing) flat on March 15th.

As I value the opinions of all ABer's,I am posting links to Dunelm curtains.They are all Blackout Curtains.

Please let me know which you like best?

The walls are a soft magnolia (boring,but I don't intend to change them),so any colour of curtains would go with that.

Let me know what you think?
Many Thanks Gordon.



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I too am amazed at the difference in you Gordon, since you first joined us here, and I hope we all played a part in your transformation.When you first introduced yourself, you were so depressed because you had lost your partner after all those years and look at you now.Moving to a new property, choosing furnishings, and making new friends on here. You have done...
22:54 Fri 01st Mar 2024

I like the first and last but I want you to choose the ones YOU love best.  I believe this will be the first time you have lived in a home that is solely yours - this is your chance to indulge yourself and furnish and dress it the way you want.  Remember, curtains aren't forever.  Go wild - and if you regret it, change them later.  

I'd go with the last ones.

The last curtains would probably go with the soft magnolia walls and mid-grey carpet but I agree with Barry that you should choose.  

I like the first but as Barry says you should be the one to choose.

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Well, it depends on what you mean by solely mine.

My late partner wasn't really interested in home furnishings,but I suppose this flat could be considered to be solely mine.It's an adventure!LOL


Thank You,all opinions are valued!


Hi Gordon, what colour is the carpet and is it patterned?

Did you have full rein on the choice of decor and soft furnishings for your current home, Gordon?  I have a feeling that if I had not had to consider my wife my home would look very different, and if she hadn't considered me, it would look different again.  

I like the first and last. 😁 Both will look good with magnolia walls. Whatever you choose, I Hooe you'll be happy in your new home.

I like the 3rd ones in the list.  The rich colours will look good against your plain walls and carpet.   Plus they won't show the dirt so much as the lighter ones.

Dunelm will probably send you some samples to help you make a decision.

I like the third one with the birds. If you want them to be really blackout you'll need a pelmet too. 

And then I would go mad buying lots of cushions picking out the colours, but Mr L might divorce me because he gets fed up with all my cushions!



Those are the ones I like CL.  With plain while walls and plain grey carpet something lively is needed to bring the room to life.  Any of the teal patterned ones would look good.

Sorry, Gordon, I'm afraid I don't like any of them. 😞

Certainly wouldn't buy curtains with zoo animals on.

To be honest, I'm not really a patterned kind of person, but if I were looking for a pair to go with a grey carpet, I would probably go for these.

But, as I'm not into patterns, I would personally go for these.

The choice is yours though Gordon, we all have different taste.

I actually have the 3rd ones with the birds, so obviously i like them the best.  But do also like the 1st ones.

But like Barry says, they are not forever, so pick what YOU like, if you make a mistake its not the end of the world.

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The carpet is a mid grey plain,they have to play safe in this sort of housing!LOL


Yes,I was the home decorator.My late partner wasn't really interested,although he did say if he didn't like something!


Thank You 


Yes,neva birds is very nice.I think that I want something bright,and that is.


They are eyelet curtains,where you push a rod through the rings,so probably no pelmet needed?


Dunelm do have matching cushions/duvet covers/pillowcases,for some of their patterns.I am just checking now!LOL

As your walls and carpet are plain, you can afford to go for pattern curtains, but I wouldn't go over the top with a very fussy pattern.

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They do have this,but I have too many duvet sets already!LOL


Thats OK, we all have different taste,it would ne a boring world if we didn't!


Meant to add, that you don't need pelmets, they are very outdated.

I hope you weren't offended when I said I didn't like any of them.

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