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Gas & Electricity Outfox The Market

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barry1010 | 14:47 Thu 22nd Feb 2024 | Home & Garden
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By far the cheapest quote for me, no exit fees - should I?

I've never heard of them



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I have never heard of them either, but here are some reviews to help with your decision.


Question Author

Looking good - I'm impressed by the cheap(er) standing charges which are a particular bugbear of mine

I've been with the only Which? Recommended Provider for energy (Octopus) for about three years and would highly recommend them. (Does any other energy provider e-mail to ask if you would like a refund of excess credit you have accrued...without being asked?)

Sorry...Octopus, Ecotricity and E are the three WRPs.

One might hope that excess credit had not been taken in the first place.


But we all know how awful all these utility companies are.

OG...that's the way paying for energy by DD sometimes end up with more in the account than was anticipated.

stay well clear of them - they don't have a great reputation for customer service. It's all about collecting your money.

Octopus offer the option of a monthly direct debit which stays the same throughout the year, and the amount they take each month is based on an estimate taking into account your energy use history. I'm fine with that. You know what you will need to pay, and when appropriate they change the amount Each month you get an e-mail notification of an upcoming payment, and they also let you know how your 'account' stands. They also e-mail a reminder to submit your meter reading, and you get a monthly spin of the wheel of fortune to see if you'll get a bit off your bill if you win. I've never won.

We are with EON Next and find them quite good.  We get £50 lower than the price cap.  They do ask if you want any excess credit back too whenever they send you an email unless it's very close to them reading the meters.

My daughter had a lot of problems with them....wrong postal codes, lack of meter reads and a lot more too.

Question Author

OVO is always asking me to claim my credit because they pay me 5% interest on it.

Question Author

I've looked at Eon Next, talked to them and their standing charges and gas and electricity rates are more than I'm paying now, that's their current cheapest deal

Question Author

Octopus is also on a par with my current supplier

EDF are my joint supplier....unfortunately. Extortion via France.

Question Author

It's a minefield.

Question Author

Well, you have helped so thanks for that.

Outfox the Market is not for me.  I had a long battle with Scottish Power and I don't want to do battle with any energy company again

I'm just about to e-mail Total about their lack of service and inability to read their own forms and attached e-mails that I have sent over on behalf of my Mater, I have given them until the end of this pm to call me so the swingeing letter, copied into their Cust service Director, whose e-mail address I have, will be dispatched. It's all about closure of a commercial account that my mother holds.

On top of their inability to read the mail and the form, a lot of the information is at their fingertips in various teams, they managed to send an end invoice for £1.53 two days ago and then I received a standing-order invoice yesterday with the 1.53 showing, even though we had paid that. The icing on the cake was when I called the person who had sent his email demanding information that they already had, or the contacts, I was told 'He only communicates by e-mail'. "Well, sunshine, tell him he has to the end of the day to call me - and I'm also thinking of contacting OfGem - it's no wonder there are all these complaints about switching or closing accounts. And bear in mind, I use to be the Marketing and Engineering Director/Dep MD of one of your competitors.'...... 

Question Author

Good luck, DTC

I'm with Shell which is being (has been) taken over by Octopus & the outfox quote is 1/2 what I am currently paying*. I'll monitor for a little while then seriously consider switching.

* you know what they - if it sounds too good to be true....

I also think that high standing charges are a real bugbear.


Electricity unit rate:  25.823p per kWh.  standing charge: 41.298p per day.

 Gas unit rate:  5.746p per kWh. standing charge: 20.413p per day.


Electricity Unit rate 28.123p per kWh Unit rate Standing charge 52.31p per day

Gas Unit rate 7.342p per kWh Standing charge 27.47p per day


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