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Dishwasher Temp Sensor

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Barmaid | 17:07 Tue 20th Feb 2024 | Home & Garden
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Smeg dishwasher has come up with Error Code 04, which I think relates to the temperature sensor.  Does anyone know whether it is worth having this fixed (ie is it an easy repair generally) or whether it is best just to get a new one.

I could blummin do without this at the moment.  I am ridiculously busy, overworked, tired and can do without organising new/repairs or in fact, washing up.



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It depends on the age and make of the dishwasher. It it's more than about 10 years old it's probably more economical to replace it especially as new ones are more water/power efficient so cheaper to run.

Googling suggests that the part might cos in the region of £20 to £30, depending upon the exact model.

I've not been able to find any YouTube videos showing how to replace the sensor on a Smeg machine but those outlining the work on other makes suggest that it only takes a few minutes to do the job.

If I was in your position, I'd try to find a local independent engineer with good reviews on Google (etc) and ask for a quote for the job.


May I ask if you have switched off your dishwasher, leave it for a while and switch it off again? It's worth a try.

'Switch it ON again.

Sorry Barmaid, I mean switch it off at the mains, not just switch it off.😀

Question Author

Did the whole switching it off and on thing.

Mr BM took it apart yesterday.  Twice.  (He can't walk but he can lay on the floor with a screwdriver and swear).  Much huffing and puffing and still the thing didn't work.  

Today, I suddenly remembered we have a spare dishwasher in the barn (as you do).  Had a look at it and it is surprisingly not covered in mould.  Then Mr BM switched the offending machine on and it did not come up with an error code!!!!!

I'm staying in a hotel all next week, so it's not my problem! 😂

Is it working ok now then Barmaid?

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Dishwasher Temp Sensor

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