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My Sheltered Housing~Update

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NoseyNose | 00:56 Sat 10th Feb 2024 | Home & Garden
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Well folks.

I went to view my proposed sheltered housing flat today(Friday),and it's far better than I expected.

My flat,on 1st floor has a juliet balcony,with views in the near distance of the sea.

I have to go next Tuesday (13th) to finalise all the paperwork,with the intention of moving in around March 14th to 16th(depends on the movers).

Nice big living room,Kitchen off,small but ideal for a single person;with washer/drier,fridge freezer,and eye level oven,and halogen hob.

Living room is connected for TV(Communal Aerial) and Internet/Landline phone.

Decent size bedroon,with enormous built in wardrobe.

Bathroom is a wet room with shower etc,but if you MUST have a bath there is a communal bathroom down the hall(I shall stick with a shower).

Restaurant does light lunches,12 to 2 daily.

GP's Surgery onsite,just a minute or so walk from my flat.

On the first floor is a communal lounge,where several days a week communal clubs meet(I am going to learn how to play darts!)LOL

Hairdresser comes every Friday,to a purpose built salon.Mens hair £12.00,which for this area is very cheap.

Tesco will deliver their online food deliveries right to the flat door too.

More updates soon.





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That sounds perfect, Gordon. ๐Ÿ˜

Question Author


It does doesn't it.

Having lived(up till now) in one place for 24 years it's going to be a bit of a change.

I shall have to downsize quite a bit of furniture too,but I have too much anyway.

Oh yes,every flat has a designated parking spot too.

Sounds wonderful๐Ÿ˜Š  Good with the on site facilities, especially GP Surgery.

-- answer removed --

And also, you won't be so isolated.

That looks very nice - I used to visit friends at Icklesham (Winchelsea) and visited Rye - such an interesting place.
I think you are making the right move.

Question Author


When I have any doubts about this new move,I just remember how I AM isolated at the moment,and everything falls into place,and gives me a new direction and perspective,

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I can't believe how quickly it has all happened.

It seems that someone was offered the flat,but dropped out.

If hadn't been for that,I might have had to wait 6 months to a year,so I have been very lucky.

Someone up there is really looking out for me.I like to think that it is my late partner?


Sounds ideal, do you purchased or rent this property ?

Question Author


It is a Private Sheltered Housing Complex.(See link above).

However,those who qualify have their rent,and Council Tax paid for,by the Elderly Social Services,of my County Council (East Sussex)

that sounds great. I want to stay in London but if I had to move, that's the sort of place I'd like to be. Sea view, wow! โš“

That's unbelievable, no disrespect but it's like living tent/ mortgage free . .

Gordon, I've been wondering about moving to a place like that but don't know how to go about it. 

Can you talk me through how you go about registering for one?

I don't mean where you are, but just in general.

Question Author


Find(online) your local council Social Services dept,and contact them,either by email(or better) by phone.If you hit the wrong department,they will redirect you,and explain just what you do(or do not qualify for).

I should say that this(I believe) can be a bit of a lottery.Not all Councils are as good as mine(East Sussex) but just ask, on the whole you will find them friendly,and very helpful.

Can I ask how old you are,as I think 60 is the minimum age requirement.

After that,it is down to health,where and how you are situated,finance does come into it,but the money side is quite a high sum that you are allowed to have in savings.

Question Author


Isn't just.

Well, I have paid my taxes for over

50 odd years,so at last I amgetting something back?

Trust me, it's great .

Sounds just like the sort of place I'm looking for. I look forward to the updates.


P.S. £12 is expensive for me, very little hair left so only needs very light trim round the side and back - I've developed the skill to do it myself with an adapted beard trimmer. 

I'm ok age-wise, just a bit older than you.

As I live in Manchester, it would be Manchester City Council.

Can you just phone Social Services even though you're not under them?

Wouldn't be near the sea, but possibly near the Manchester Ship Canal. ๐Ÿ˜

Question Author


Yes,if you don't have much hair then £12.00 might seem expensive.

My late partner used to do mine with electric clippers,but £12.00 IS really cheap for down here near Rye!

and she is a qualified hairdresser.

Question Author


Mine wasn't,but most cases like this are "self referring".That is the Social Services will talk you through what you can(and cannot ) get.

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My Sheltered Housing~Update

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