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Dirty Kitchen Floor~Update

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NoseyNose | 15:31 Mon 05th Feb 2024 | Home & Garden
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Well, thanks to Barsel's suggestion of the "Elbow Grease" spray(which works wonderfully);and my young, strong home help,I now have a clean,hygenic kitchen floor.I can actually see the pattern of the tiles on it now!

A thank you also to anyone else who replied.



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So what's next NN?

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well ladybider,et al.

The home help returns on Wednesday,and he is going to wash/wipe/clean our pale painted wood kitchen cabinets,and do some more hoovering.It's quite amazing what he can achieve in one hour!


So maybe there are some benefits to getting older?

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sorry typo:~
ladybirder (I need new glasses)

Now you can eat off it again?

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No, cannot eat off of it now,BUT I had forgotten just what the tile pattern was on it.

The kitchen is a strange,eerie place to me.I was banned from entering it when my late partner was alive.

I think I interfered too much with his cooking!

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Dirty Kitchen Floor~Update

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