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Dirty Kitchen Floor

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NoseyNose | 13:58 Thu 01st Feb 2024 | Home & Garden
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My kitchen floor is dirty,with grease(?) and general wear and tear.I have cleaned half of it with a diluted solution of water/thick bleach.However this is a strenous thing to do, and on my hand and kness is not food at 76!

Can anyone suggested a mop/brush/cleaner that I can use(standing up).It would need to be quite abrasive,to cut through the greasy dirt layer.

I do have a strong "home help" (twice a week) supplied by Social Services,but don't want to discourage him,by giving him difficult jobs!

Scrubber Gordon.LOL




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Well,my "home help"(such an old expression) is coming again on Monday.So I shall thrust the bottle of Elbow Grease spray into his hand,and watch him go(hopefully)! LOL

Updates will follow.

You can get Elbow Grease in Poundland, Aldi etc.

I have a mop with built in sprayer.

Can I just say glad to see the humour in your posts nowadays.

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Dirty Kitchen Floor

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