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bobbie22 | 16:02 Wed 06th Dec 2023 | Home & Garden
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I know it's a bit early to ask.  I have bought an electric blanket for the first time.   Could I ask?   At the end of the winter when the blanket is not in use, do I leave it on the bed, or do I remove it and possibly fold it and put it away?  Would this be safe?  Thanks for your advice. 






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You can put it away, it's up to you

You can leave it on all year...but it will probably last a whole lot longer if you remove it and ROLL it up (better than folding) and keep in a dust-free place (preferably in some sort of bag, like an old pillow case).

We keep ours in the thick plastic bags they were sold in

I take ours off and wash it. Then it gets losely folded into four and put in a plastic bag under the bed.

Wash an electric blanket ?

Yes Anne, most of them are washable these days, I didn't believe it either!

Most modern electric blankets are washable, with the cable section removed obviously, but check. 

I've said on another thread about them, ours is like a mattress protector, the cable plugs into a bit of it. You just unplug the cable and throw the thing in the washing machine.
Modern technology eh, marvellous 😊

Isn't technology wonderful !!

Wash it, then it's up to you - put it back or roll it up and stow it for the Summer.

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Thanks for your answers everyone. 

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