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? Insurance.

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Sqad | 11:01 Thu 24th Nov 2022 | Home & Garden
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New boiler, with 8yr I need added insurance to cover, call outs and breakdowns or are they covered by the 8yr guarantee?


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Check the terms of the guarantee. The guarantee may only cover repair as long as you have had the boiler serviced annually or maintained in line with their instructions.
sorry sqad, you'd have to check the guarantee to see what's covered. Personally, if i had the money, i'd take a policy out on a boiler as they seem to be forever going wrong!
We got one a couple of years back with a ten year parts warranty provided the service regime is kept up to date Sqad.

The labour is another matter though, between you and your installer.

but then, my situation is that if the boiler needed something expensive i wouldn't be able to just pay it with no consequesnces to the rest of my life, you may be different.
Insurance policies are only all ever worth the money if you need to use them!
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Much appreciated folks.
It's usually cheaper to insure with yourself unless the cost is beyond you financially, so I only insure house and car. An exception is electronics bought from Richer Sounds who refund the cost of the insurance on its expiry if you haven't made a claim.
I self-insure, it has always worked out cheaper for me but maybe I've been lucky
I had a contract with British Gas to cover the boiler for a few years, but was getting gradually more & more sick of their inability to provide a decent service; which came to a head earlier this year when first they claimed I'd already renewed (without my permission) yet later I realised they hadn't taken any money after all, so thought, "Blow 'em then": then later received a demand for closing the contract early, which was obviously sheer nonsense and an attempt at extortion as far as I was concerned. I send a stern reply pointing out their failures, and have heard no more since. I would not recommend the incompetent set of clowns to anyone.
Oh yeah, and on a call out there was a set fee payable anyway. And the advice when an engineer was there was ALWAYS, "You should buy a new boiler", even though it got through each year just fine. The industry sells you a boiler on the claim you'll have saved the cost because of greater efficiency in x years, and x-y years later they're trying to get you to replace it already.
yes, BG are TERRIBLE. I have a contract with someone else whose name escapes me ATM

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? Insurance.

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