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Triton Electric Shower.

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tinshed | 18:37 Mon 19th Dec 2005 | Home & Garden
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Hello, have a triton tx8500i electric shower. I smelt what seemed like a burning smell from it a couple of weeks ago and now there is no hot water consistantly coming through, it goes hot then cold then hot again.

I have a combi boiler with cold water only feed to shower. I took the lid off the shower and what looked like a rubber hose thing had a burn mark on it and it also looks like there is a hole in it. The hose thing was attached to what looked like a copper cylinder. Would i have to replace the whole shower or would i just have to get the part and if just the part does anybody know what its called and is it easy to fit.

I think its a 9.5kw is there anyway of checking this?

Thanks for your patience.



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I would strongly recommend you call in an electrician and do not use the shower until it has been investigated. It could be nothing or you could end up looking like a well lit Christmas tree come next shower!

The burn on the plastic tube could have been caused by an over-heating wire next to it.Triton have a failure of this due to poor connections ie loose terminals,switch off at the mains electric check that all terminals are a tight fit and there is no burning.

the heater could be cycling due to low water pressure turn the knob too cold which gives you the top water pressure through the shower slowly increase the temperatue to hot ie 6or 7 see if that changes anything In the switch-on solinoid[thats the one that connects too the incoming water pipe] there is a filter fitted inside,that may be blocked and needs cleaning.Triton have now brought out a new range called Ivory 2 which appears to be a much superior with its connections.Hope that helps.

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Thanks for your advice. Think ill get an electrican to have a look at it.
The rubber hose thing you saw is most likely the power cable to the heaters which are inside the copper cylinder, if there is a hole burnt through it then the cable has overheated and become open-circuited, probably it arcs across the carbonised/damaged section when you switch it on. Don't use it until somebody has repaired it and given the go ahead for it's further use.
Cheaper to buy a new one instead of calling an electrician .
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Thanks for all advice. Have electrican mate calling round to check it out. Could be cheaper getting a new one than hassle of possibly this happening again. What electric shower would you recommend?

Can you please inform me of the outcome regarding your Triton shower? I had a major incident this morning where smoke and sparks were coming out of the main unit whilst I was in the shower!
Many thanks,

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Triton Electric Shower.

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