Does A Tenancy Agreement Mean Anything ?

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CW1 | 16:54 Tue 15th Mar 2022 | Home & Garden
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The Tenancy Agreement in place states "either party must give at least 3 months notice in writing to end the tenancy." No letting agent is involved, & the Agreement in place was copied from one that *was* issued by a letting agent originally. The tenant has now left, saying she took advice & only needed to stay for 2 months. New tenants don't move in for a couple more weeks. I accept that now it would be less than 3 months, but the agreement we both signed last year stated 3 so is that meaningless though we both agreed it at the time ?


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A tenancy agreement is a contract

1.You have veered off into a self pitying - "the tenant told me to go frack myself - does THAT mean there is an implied term in every letting contract that in the event of disagreement, the landlord must...." - ( no it isnt )

2. I have no idea why you think the tenant has a right to interpret a contract (they dont)

They owe you a month under the contract....
is it worth collecting it ( no it isnt )

You dry your eyes , and get on with the new let

You got possession plenty plenty quick - that is worth at least a thousand.

Any tenant who wishes to leave I say " weeke end if you want. I dont want you to stay if you donr like it" - (they smash up the house)

As for deposits I cant say - I dont take deposits ( a judge said "what?!" ) it is effectively dead money for all parties
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Not sure I understand most of that ... lol
Tenant gave notice, she wanted to go asap. Was the last thing I needed with so much going on elsewhere, but fair enough, I've tried to get new ones as soon as. They're not in a position to move yet though (probably had to give notice where they were) so I asked if she'd cover 9 of the 20 days the house'll be empty. She said no. So I'm wondering if I can dock some of her deposit, hence the question.
it is a contract
no you didnt ask the question about the deposit
you wickered about implied terms and was the tenant automatically right in interpretation ( no she is not )

You need to ask a landlord who takes deposits whether you can retain some as unpaid rent - I honestly dont know the answer

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Does A Tenancy Agreement Mean Anything ?

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