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smurfchops | 09:30 Mon 18th Oct 2021 | Home & Garden
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My gas boiler has packed up so I am waiting for my plumber to install a new one for my central heating and hot water. However I have heard that in around 2030 compression gas boilers are going to be replaced. What are they replacing them with, and should I get one now instead of the compression boiler I am replacing mine with now? Thanks all


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This is one of the current replacements. It is expensive and not as efficient as your current boiler so needs bigger radiators. It can't provide hot water.

Apologies, apparently they can provide hot water
In 2030 older gas boilers are not going to be replaced, but you will not be able to buy a new one. Your boiler may well last beyond 2030.
Unless things have changed then the gas boiler ban will only apply to new homes - heat pumps and other alternatives need homes to be very well insulated to modern standards to work effectively and lots of older houses will never be able to reach that standard. Heat pumps need outside space which many homes don't have.

"Will the gas boiler ban apply to my home?

If you’re worried about having to ditch your existing oil or gas boiler – don’t be. The gas and oil banner ban in 2025 only applies to newbuild properties. There are no plans to phase out gas boilers in existing homes."

Boris did want to ban the sale of new gas boilers in the mid 2030s but is now reconsidering:
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Thanks everyone, very helpful x

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