British Gas Want To Install A New Electricity Meter

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smurfchops | 09:28 Mon 18th Oct 2021 | Home & Garden
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And said they would replace my gas meter at the same time. They are both working fine, although quite old. Are they trying to install a Smart Meter, which I do not want, I am quite happy with what I have already. If it’s not a Smart Meter, should I get them changed or just ignore the letter? Thanks all


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Just accept a smart meter.
They will install a smart meter unless you say .... no !
They are not your meters they belong to your supplier. They can insist that they are changed.
They can only insist if there is a problem with the ones you have.
Pre-covid the water co. said they wanted to change my water meter. Not heard a thing from them since.
You don't need to worry about a smart meter - you don't have to use the in home display unit.
I agreed to have a smart meter earlier this year because all the comparison sites gave much better deals if I had a smart meter. Of course those deals don't exist at the moment but I am sure the situation will be the same when the market stabilises - smart meters = cheaper bills, not because of the in home display but because of the cheaper cost per unit of gas and electricity on offer.
they are crap dont go near them
yes they probably are

apparently on Money box live last night ( er a recording) and the chmn didnt know what the deal for newcomers was ( put on the most expensive contract)
// Of course those deals don't exist at the moment//
but BT overcharging er forges ahead
clearly I am in dispute with them
I was in dispute with Scottish Power.
smurfchops can change supplier is he wants to when his contract ends or now if there is no exit penalty.
From Ofgem

"Do I have to have a smart meter?

Unless there is a good reason not to, suppliers must install a smart meter if they are:

•replacing a meter
•installing a meter for the first time, such as in a new property. 

You can choose not to accept an offer to have a smart meter fitted. You can also request to have one at a later date without being charged. Choosing not to have a smart meter might mean you have a limited choice of energy tariffs. Some smart tariffs could be cheaper."

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Thanks everyone, I will stick with my new compression one, I don’t want a smart meter.
No need to have a smart meter. Just make sure you provide your supplier with regular readings - I do it every quarter.
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I do that. I suppose if I don’t agree to a smart meter they will somehow make it harder for me to give my readings online …
Oh don't worry about that. I've been with BG for nearly two years, and have a smart meter.

They can't communicate with it, so I send my readings every month.
// I suppose if I don’t agree to a smart meter they will somehow make it harder for me to give my readings online …//

I don't think so - why would they?
I keep refusing a smart meter, well I don't refuse, I just ignore them ! I imagine the next tactic will be to tell me that my meters are 'old' and will need replacing. I don't doubt they will win in the end !
Incidentally it's not the energy provider who wants to fit one. The government have set targets to force them to fit one. As I know from experience, once fitted the provider lose interest. Mine doesn't communicate and they don't care.
As far as I know, British Gas is rolling out second-generation SMETS2 smart meters, which means you'll stay smart even if you switch energy suppliers. If you don't want to change anything, maybe you can cancel the replacement. My advice is to call the British gas phone number and ask. Hope it helps.

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British Gas Want To Install A New Electricity Meter

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