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Building Control Services

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Bazile | 20:48 Tue 02nd Mar 2021 | Home & Garden
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Quote from a company to provide the following for an extension -

I can confirm our fee will be £475.00 +VAT which includes –

Issuing all relevant Notices to the Local Authority
Checking submitted drawings as may be required for conformity.
Consulting the Water Authority (if required).
Consulting with the Fire service (if required).
Issuing a Plans Certificate were requested.
Undertaking risk base site inspections.
Issuing a Final Certificate once works are found to be in compliance.

The council fee for building regulations is £ 540
Are there any advantages in using the company as opposed to council inspectors ?


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Not a lot, Baz.

BUT.............. it would depend on your builder. A good one has developed a relationship over years with Council chaps. I've seen several come and go over time. I've have never fallen out with any of them, and I'm nothing special.

Having said that, I also know some who used to be Local Authority, but went private.
I don't suppose you've got your builder fixed up yet. It might be a good idea to sound out the builders you are going to invite to tender.

Believe me, the last thing you want is to be caught in the middle between the builder and the inspector in any dispute.

As far as you're concerned, the prices are good and fair.
If no one has any preference (or prejudice) then you'll be Ok.

I haven't seen JackTheHat around today. She should have some opinion on this.
I am assuming that the 475 quoted does not include the working drawings. It would be a real bargain if it did ;o)

And that the 575 is for inspection fees?
not buildings but I have got TPO trees in my garden. I use a firm who is well known to the local councils and never have a problem with getting permission for the work I want done. The firm give good advice and wont put in requests for work they know won't be permitted. My neighbour who never uses the same firm twice and gets the cheapest quote he can seems to have much more difficulty. Good relationships do help
Question Author

The company's services was made aware to me by the firm who drew up the plans as an alternative to using the council inspectors , if i so wish .

Amongst the fees advised to be by the company that drew up the plans are -
Building regulations plan checking fees payable to council £150
Building regulations inspection fees payable to council £390.

So, do these fees for the council inspectors ,cover the same work that the company will undertake ?

Yes, they do. An an extension project which is relatively simple you are much better using the local authority. In my very recent experience, many approved inspectors are furloughed and working from home and their response times are...slow, to say the least.
Sorry that should read furloughed, or working from home.
Question Author
What i'm asking is - are these fees of £150 and £390 direct to the council , for the same work that the company will undertake ?
I already answered that with ‘yes, they do’.
Question Author
I didn't see your answer before I posted
Building Control Services AI Ltd are licensed through the Construction Industry Council to act as Approved Inspectors.
I'd prefer LA control over private inspectors who are close to the building industry and don't have the same sense of public service and professional duty to be done thoroughly and independently at all times.
The Scale of Fees payable for a Building Regulations Application with a Local Authority are set down by Government and apply nationwide.
A private BCO (Building Control Officer) can charge what they like.

A Local Authority BCO will have local knowledge (can be important in areas where there is a variation in soil conditions).

A Local BCO has his/her own 'patch' and can be on site at quite short notice. A private BCO may be working out of an office some distance away and works could be held up waiting for them to attend.

A Local BCO will have suitable qualifications and the LA will carry Indemnity Insurance to cover themselves should later problems arise due to negligence, etc.
A Private BCO iught to provide you with written evidence of all suitable insurances, etc.

There are good private BCOs out there but make sure you do your 'due diligence' checks before engaging them.

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Building Control Services

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