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Alternative To Lead Flashing

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TonyV | 18:44 Tue 02nd Mar 2021 | Home & Garden
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Whilst cleaning guttering on our bay window, noticed that some some of the lead flashing needs renewing. Is there a modern alternative that a competent DIYer can use?


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Best if I point you to this, Tony...

Flashband is the only one I have experience of though.

Is it a "hip" flashing, or something between the roof and the wall?
I know nothing about the subject but Google took me here

. . . and then searching YouTube for one of the brand names (Ubiflex) took me to this, from the manufacturer:
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Ok thanks both if you've used it builder I will give it a try. May have to remove slates (but thick approx 6mm) first, the are not nailed. Water has ingressed to some extent and rotted baterns.
One word of warning, Tony. Although it's "stick-on", it still takes quite a bit of care to get it to look right.
It really does need the Flashband Primer too.

The problem is... once you've placed it, it's there...... not at all easy to take off and try again.
Something to think about... if there are no fancy bends and shapes to do, traditional Lead is not so difficult to fit. You can always take it off and try again.
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OK Builder 6 and two 3's then, as it will be my first time, think I will stick to lead. It's lasted over 100 years now I will not see it wear out. As I said in my OP I need to remove existing slates to see what substructure is like, and some of the lead sections will maybe reusable. So lead it is. Thanks for advice.

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Alternative To Lead Flashing

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