Problem Radiator

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allenlondon | 11:34 Thu 10th Dec 2020 | Home & Garden
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Small flat, six rads, 5 fine, red hot, bleed easily.

Last in sequence has been OFF for 3 years (bedroom).

Now want it on. On/off valve stuck. WD40 overnight. Next day valve turned, but only a little. Pipe underneath that valve feels cold.

Tried bleeding. No air, but just cold water.


Mine is to open the bleed valve and draw a LOT of cold water through it.

(Is there a bleed key with a built-in tube that you can direct into a bucket?)

Any other/better ideas welcomed!




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Turn it NEARLY off; much less likely to stick again.
All good, that's why I asked you at the beginning if you had a thermo valve, its a common problem.
So pleased to hear it worked, and without too much fiddling!

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Problem Radiator

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