Tumbledrier In Bedroom

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allenlondon | 14:02 Tue 24th Nov 2020 | Home & Garden
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Did I dream it, or did someone say recently that they had a tumbledrier in their bedroom?

What sort could it be? - we couldn’t vent it without building work, but the idea of a tumbledrier now appeals very much.



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You would need one with a condenser, I have one in the garage. The filter and water tray will need emptying every time you use it. The condenser will need cleaning regularly, depending on how often you use it.
Question Author
Emptying- big job? Bucketfuls?

Couldn’t cope if too much schlepping...

Just bought one.
Heat pump condenser dryer for extra efficiency. Dearer than vent or condenser but worth it.
This will give you a rough idea about emptying Allen.

It's brill cos after they dry you fold away
We still have the one we bought when our first born was first born forty odd years ago.
We kept and used it in the back bedroom. It had a vent kit but we never used it, just opened the bedroom window to let the steam out. Worked ok for us although no one slept in the bedroom.
It currently resides in the garage and is used very occasionally, still unvented.
My condenser is at the bottom of the machine with screwtop . You empty when it is cold
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Thanks, looks great! (No room in tiny kitchen or bathroom, but bedroom is free).
Well get one quick Allen. Lol
Good tip open window a bit
This one shows you how to clean the lint filter
And the condenser:
Don't think mine has a condenser. Filter I empty after each use. Because my counter top is low the water collector was too high so the installer connected the pipe to a 5 litre water bottle. Easy to empty.
Mine was in the porch for a bit and now we have a heat pump one
Cal, if you have to empty it you have a condenser. My tumble drier empties itself in to the drain
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Thanks all.

We’re looking at the Siemens IQ-700 WT4HY791GB.

It’s a ‘Which?’ Best Buy, and although dearer than a lot, seems a good one.

Anyone know differently?

Allen, I have just bought one of these. Maybe you could consider it as an alternative.

I have a tumble dryer but this is much cheaper to run.
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What happened was this, Tilly.

Mrs A is in hospital, so I sent out big loads of washing to “I hate ironing”, who wash it, tumble dry and fold, and I was SO impressed by what came back! Overnight in our airing cupboard, and then back in wardrobes.

Maybe I’ll get the tumble dryer installed as a surprise before she gets out!

I've always used a washer/dryer - I have an apartment and find it so handy and space saving, never had any problems with it
similar to this one in the link

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Tumbledrier In Bedroom

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