Shark Steam Mop

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ummmm | 11:14 Sun 30th Aug 2020 | Home & Garden
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Has anyone got one? Is it worth the money?

I've just bought a Shark vacuum and it's brilliant.


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I'm interested in any answers too. I have a cheapy floor steamer and it's not great tbh.
I've got a Shark vacuum that I'd like to get rid of. It IS brilliant, but it's too damn heavy and cumbersome for me.
I've gone back to my gTech.
Sorry I couldn't answer your question...I imagine it would be excellent.
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I love the vacuum. It is heavy but brilliant. Luckily I have two young men living here who are clean freaks (they are both related to me in case it sounds like I have a house full of men :-)...
We had one free with our Shark. Only used it a couple of times and it was fine.
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Really, where did you get that deal? The one I'm looking at is £160.

I don't have carpets (except the hall) so it'll be used daily.
Just remembered we bought the Shark upright and a Vax carpet cleaner at the same time and now I have thought about it the steam cleaner came with the Vax not the Shark. Sorry about that. The Shark came with a car cleaning kit.
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Yes, I seen the deal for the car cleaning kit. I don't have a car. I might buy a car after I've bought the mop :-)

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Shark Steam Mop

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