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teacake44 | 10:21 Mon 13th Apr 2020 | Home & Garden
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I can't see why the building industry can't continue, but open to your views as to why not.
Walking past a site yesterday where their building houses, and of course they are all at different stages of completion, I did wonder what the real cost is going to be in terms of damage to work in progress, that has had to just been left .

For example a lot of the houses have there roof trusses in place awaiting tiles, with these timbers exposed to the rain then sun, will they not just twist/ split over time. Just one area that I though of, there's sure to be others ??
Getting back to the work force on these sites most work on their own, electricians, brickies, ( may be two on one house) but one each side, well apart, plumbers tend to work on their own, 2 men tiling roof. Unless I have it all wrong, surly some work could carry on to try and keep the wheels turning. what's your opinion.


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Exposure to the elements may well improve the finish of some of the rubbish passed off as luxury homes.
It can carry on as far as I'm aware, social distancing should be adhered to though. Extensions round here are still being worked on, but a lot of builders we know are struggling to get materials.
It’s already been pointed out that the building industry has not been halted.

As someone else has also pointed out, the problem is that builders merchants are virtually all closed making materials v hard to obtain.

With regards to roof trusses, these are made from tanalised/ pressure treated timber but yes, they will eventually suffer from the weather.
And I can't see why garden centres can't open by applying the normal restrictions. The negative impact on mental wellbeing by not being able to at least maintain our gardens is not to be sniffed at. The next couple of months impacts a whole year where planting is concerned.
The builders might be willing to work still but not all suppliers are.

A pal was having a new house extended and someone 'phoned the police to report the builders. A policeman arrived and telt them they were allowed no more than two workmen.

That's rubbish but now the workmen have been scared off and local suppliers are patchy, not a lot is going on with the house.
Yes rocky our builders merchants have closed. Brickies cannot be always apart by 2 metres. Unless on different scaffolding.
//A policeman arrived and telt them they were allowed no more than two workmen.//

Unfortunately yet another example of a police officer not having taken the trouble to familiarise himself with the basic points a fairly short piece of legislation. Rather like this one:

A senior officer described the encounter as "well intentioned but ill informed". Police officers have no right to be "ill informed" about - what is at the moment - such an important piece of legislation.
Garden centres can't open because the cannot enforce 2 metre distancing, especially in their cafes.
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Of course I can only comment on the big housing estate near me and understand supply problems must be hit and miss. The reason I selected the roofs on this site is that the tiles are in piles ready to be placed on. As regards to weather or not builders are allowed to work or not, there seems to be a lot of confusion and really needs sorting one way or other, especially with the police by the looks of things.
my plan is to set two tables in my garden (at least 2 metres apart) with drinks/eats and invite a couple to walk round. I can't see the problem but Doris (she who must be obeyed) says no ...

I can't see a problem with your plan ael.
There shouldn’t be any confusion about what can / can’t be done on a building site. It’s well documented:

See ‘construction’ section:
My OH is back at work after isolation. His firm has supplied extra vehicles and only 2 people per vehicle. One driving, one in the back. It's easy for him to distance once at work.
We did what you planned, Ael. Before the strict lockdown but when we had to social distance.
Needed legal papers witnessed. Friends invited us to theirs. We took our wine, glasses and nibbles. Gloves provided to handle the papers and they used their pen. Papers put into plastic cover. Gloves destroyed. Then toasted the outcome of the signing from opposite ends of the large patio.
Felt like we were in a scene from a spy movie...x
Our local garden centre is open, except for the cafe. I think they are allowed as they have a pet shop and hardware part too.
My son in law is a Site Manager for a large construction company , he’s been back at work for a week now after his 14 day quarantine from my daughter having the virus
Lol gness, but can't be to careful at the moment.
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Reading 12.03, and other posts, it seems there could be many reasons why this site is not operating, I think sooner or later ALL occupations will need a risk level put on them so as to get the wheels turning, as no economy can be in lock down for ever and a day. But the building industry has got to be low level compared to people working in a closed space office block, but on the other hand you still have admin in the building, so its a tuff situation all round.
My SIL cannot work as a shop fitter, but getting 80% wages.
Surely all garden centres could open but just keep the cafe bit closed like supermarkets have done.

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