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newpotato | 19:00 Wed 25th Mar 2020 | Home & Garden
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I have just been given a sofa bed but it only work with a motor. You cant just pull it out. The problem is that the people who gave it to me have lost the cable. Has anyone got any idea where i could buy one. The is a small cable coming out of the back of the sofa which you plug the cable from the mains into. the lead coming out of the sofa looks very much like the female part on the right of the picture on this web page

many thanks


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Is there a way to post a photo on here?
I got one from my local tv shop for electric chair looks like the same cable.
I assume there would be a transformer that goes between the mains and the bed.

Do you have a a make and model number for the bed, so that you get the right voltage, current and polarity.
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Hi Giggsie.
Thank you for your answer. Maybe if I cant find online I will try that once the shops open again.
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Hi Tuvok. Looked all over. No make or model on the sofa. It must run some kind of motor? Are they not all the same?
Motors could be any voltage/current. Maybe you need a variable voltage high power, power supply to test with. Judging from your cable link I'd suspect, but can't be sure, that it was dc. It'd help if the original owners had more info.

Or you could open up and look at the motor directly, it may have a label.

Possibly enquire at furniture retailers/manufacturers as to whether there is an industry standard or a most common supply.
There should be a manufacturers badge some where, have you turned it over and looked underneath?
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Hi everyone.
Thank you ever so much for your help.
Quick update...
A friend of mine has been clearing out her basement because at he moment she has a lot of time on her hands!
And she gave me a box of electrical stuff to sort through.
There was a lot of junk in there which I threw away but...
Whilst sorting through it I came across the a cable and thought, that looks like it could work.
Just got home and tested it and it works!!!
Thank you again for your help.
Sometimes the solution comes to you!
Wow. That's good.

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