Bedding Plants

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rockyracoon | 14:44 Sun 12th May 2019 | Home & Garden
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Do you think it's too early to plant them out? Just north of London.


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I planted all mine last week and they are doing fine
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Hmmm, might give it a whirl then. Just worried about a bit of overnight frost. I remember I nearly lost a load of spuds at the end of May due to a particularly cold night.
Yes I think its too early. I shall leave mine until later in the month. (Norfolk) The nights are a bit cold and the plants are so bright and healthy in my plastic greenhouse, it seems a shame to risk it.

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Conflicting views.
I might put half out, and see.
Maybe give it another couple of weeks just to be on the safe side?
Wait until Monty Don tells us to put them out!!
What plants are they maggie? Just curious.
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Lobelia and Bacopa
Lobelia is one of the ones I have put out and we have had a mild frost since and they have been okay
You could pot them on so they are growing, then plant out in early May
tony. We are already well into the second week of May ! Its soon going to be too late , never mind 'early' !
Personally I’d put them out and I’m also Greater London.
RHS On Bedding Plants

Quick facts

Suitable for Bedding plants
Timing Plant out in late May/June and September/October
Difficulty Easy to moderate
One thing I've learn this year, some species tolerate more than others.
Unsure you can get a definitive answer.
Watch the local councils planting on roundabouts and verges, then follow their example. So my father always said!!!
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Thanks all. I'll give it another week.

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Bedding Plants

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