Fitted Wardrobes (Double Mains Socket Behind It)

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countrykid | 17:15 Wed 24th Apr 2019 | Home & Garden
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I've Googled my question but didn't find an answer.
I'm having some fitted wardrobes and fitted study furniture installed and there are currently three 13amp flush mounted power points where some of the units will go. I will not need to use these when the furniture has been fitted (they will no longer be seen or accessible), so need to know if they can simply remain as they are "live" but not in use, or do I need to remove the switched units and use 15amp terminal block connector to secure the wires and then cover with a blanking plate? Thanks in advance


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Quite simple, Kid.
Use some form of connectors (the modern ones are pushed in), but, do use ones rated at 32Amps. You most likely have have a conventional 32A ring circuit.
Blanking plate to finish. This will create an acceptable "enclosure"
Perhaps I should add that, any form of connection in an enclosure (such as junction boxes) should always be accessible.

Regulations are necessary, but, in the real world, this is safe. You know where they are located.
To be really picky... create an opening in the back of the wardrobe so that you can get at them.

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Fitted Wardrobes (Double Mains Socket Behind It)

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