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potiche | 18:43 Mon 07th Jan 2019 | Home & Garden
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Wonder if there's any wisdom to share about robot mowers? Lawn isn't pristine but is improving about 250sq m. Any advice appreciated.


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I bought a robot mower last year. Is there anything in particular that you had in mind?
Looking at the price of the things, I'd rather pay someone to come and mow the lawn for me (so that he could do some other gardening tasks at the same time, if needed):

Reviews here:

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I'd read both these articles. Like the idea that frequent cut & mulch improves the lawn. Not looking to spend 4 figures
We stayed with friends who had a robot mower, and must admit found it quite annoying, when it was constantly trundling around on their lawn. You are just waiting for the next time it comes around!

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