Fragrant Roses

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Oleanda | 13:24 Fri 04th Jan 2019 | Home & Garden
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I have a small flower bed just outside my back door and would like to put in three fragrant rose bushes. Any recommendations?


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Whisky Mac, may be Mack.
Flower buds are almost orange, then apricot roses fading to cream.
I have one outside the front door, it’s very fragrant.
Also Gertrude Jekyll, a pink rose
Margaret Merrill white
Any bourbon type roses
I agree with Whisky Mac
Deep secret. A very fragrant dark red
Good suggestions above. Have a look at this link for more suggestions if you'd like to put a climber in.
And for a lovely smell at this time of your get yourself a Daphne. Ours is just coming out and the smell is so beautiful.
Peace of you want pale, Deep Secret which is a very dark crimson if you want a red.
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Thank you all, I will look at all your suggestions.

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Fragrant Roses

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