Replacing A Broken Tile On Bathroom Floor

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237SJ | 17:28 Wed 16th May 2018 | Home & Garden
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I dropped something on the bathroom floor and chipped one of the tiles. I was going to try to paint over the chip with enamel paint or something but I have found a spare tile in the garage and thought I might have a go at replacing it altogether. How would I remove the old tile? It's on a wooden floor.


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Hiya, 237 :o)

It's just a matter of breaking up the old tile and removing it in pieces. I Would start by cutting a groove right through the tile with a small angle grinder, but I doubt if you have one of those.

So... it can be done with a hammer and a "cold chisel". Something like this...;ds_rl=1249481&ds_rl=1249796&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIhIWW1NmK2wIVTY0bCh0ceArnEAQYAiABEgISBvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&;dclid=CLSdqtfZitsCFUEx0wodBgQNMA

Tap away in the middle, and gradually break the tile up into small pieces that are easily levered up. Obviously, it needs a bit of care so as to protect the surrounding tiles.
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Hi Builder. Thanks. There is a screwfix near here. I did try phoning the place that originally put the tiles down but there was no reply because I was wondering if that would be an issue when I try to remove the tile. What would I use to stick a new tile down? As I said, it's on a wooden floor but I don't know if it was lined with anything before tiling.
It should have been, I used plywood. But you'll find out when you've removed the tile. You can buy tile adhesive. In your shoes I might try drilling the cracked tile to break it up. Obviously only to tile depth, not through the floor.
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Thanks. I spoke to the bathroom company this morning and the guy said it would have been put down with tile adhesive. He said it might not be easy to get up but I don`t know if he was just being over causious or thought I can't do it because I`m a girlie. Is it difficult to remove old tile adhesive?
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I would just add that you should score the grout around the tile before you start, and remove as much as you can. You want to destroy the bond between the broken tile and all the others so that you are less likely to chip an adjacent tile. There are special tools for doing this but you can do it with a blunt knife if you are careful.
I do prefer OG's idea of drilling, but you'd need a hammer drill. I thought perhaps you may not have one.

Use a "flexible" adhesive.....

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Replacing A Broken Tile On Bathroom Floor

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