Young Gooseberry Bush

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lindylou16 | 15:20 Wed 16th May 2018 | Home & Garden
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Half of it ravaged by sawfly,now clear but skeletal while this bush get over this or should I replace it


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It can be quite beneficial for young fruiting trees and bushes to get all their fruit and blossom removed from it, to help stimulate growth. This is usually done on very young trees, such as apple or cherry trees, but i think it could be beneficial for a gooseberry bush also.

I would cut/prune any skeleton leaves

I'm surprised a young bush would get swarmed by sawfly...

You may find help here regarding how to get rid of them. I prefer natural methods but do what you wish.
Thank you As it is a small bush I picked off the little green blighters by hand As I said half is quite healthy
Further to my answer I read the link and they are not green but brown so I could be well wrong saying sawfly Mine were green about one centimetre long any clues
You can get green sawfly :) It's the slug like larva that is a worry though... Sometimes it requires a good power wash to get them off! Sounds over the top i know :D
I've seen some of the devastation that the moth grubs can cause to gooseberry plants (not pretty) and can strip the bushes bare in some cases.
I've been growing a variety that is said to be disease resistant, for a couple of years and so far so good, its called 'Hinnonmaki red and has the larges red berries of all.
Don't worry. the wild bushes in our hedge row are stripped bare every year and they re-grow leaves and produce fruit without anyone doing anything.
You could give the bush a feed with a high nitrogen feed to encourage new leaves.

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Young Gooseberry Bush

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