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Chimney Cowl

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Boto | 13:15 Sat 10th Mar 2018 | Home & Garden
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At present I have one of those netting things on top of the chimney. When I had my gas fire serviced recently there were a few small twigs which had come down the chimney. What is the best type of cowl to prevent birds trying to build a nest - we have a lot of seagulls here? Thanks.


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You'll probably be better with something with a solid top, with gaps at the side - something like this perhaps??
I'm not too sure if the one in my link would be suitable - I'm just trying to indicate the design/shape that might suit your needs.
Giz, that sort of cowl is only for chimneys that are not in use, to 'cap it off' - they just let in enough air to stop mould/damp etc in the flue. What Boto needs is something like this:
Whatever you get - don't buy one of these. . . .

The smaller birds come in for shelter especially when its raining. They misjudge the gap when attempting to land on the edge and "bonk" their heads on the canopy. They then fall straight down the flue. Next thing you know (assuming the fire isn't lit . . ) they are staggering/fluttering around the room.
Yea I realised after I posted, that it possibly wouldn't be suitable, which is why I added my 2nd post.
A cowl with a solid top, with enough ventilation at the sides, is what Boto needs .... something like the one in your link ta :)
This reminds me of the time before we had one fitted - twice we had a very disturbed jackdaw flapping round the living room. Pooped on everything!
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Thank you all for your help. I like the price of The Builder’s suggestion!

Wrong link.

Hi there, you're probably best using a solid bird guard - we've fitted a lot recently and they've been really effective

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Chimney Cowl

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